Cover image showing The Flip as when passive income crosses expenses

The Flip Beta is Now Available!

What is The Flip you might ask? It’s a little project I’ve been working on where I’ve tried to gather my ideas and practices for getting solid personal finances while saving and investing to become financially independent. I’ve been living by these practices and have developed them over the last couple of years. With some third party testing from people close to me I feel that they are now verified and more people can benefit from them. The Flip is an attempt to gather this approach into a format that can be shared to a wider audience.

What started out as a simple guide for how I do it ended up being a much bigger project. Along the way I found out that many of the tools and practices used in The Flip can be reused for other purposes, just like I’ve adapted them to investing and personal growth in the first place. One insight has been that getting your personal finances in place is just one partial goal towards reducing money-related issues in your life. For example, many households don’t really have a way of discussing economy, or other issues, without it becoming an argument filled with distrust and jealousy. Having a structured approach for finding out common goals, and how to stay true to those goals, is a key ingredient in reducing unnecessary tension while also designing the life you want.

So, it turned out to be a guide to personal development and how to get several people to work towards the same goals disguised as an information pack on how to become financially independent. If you’re interested in helping me out by giving me feedback on it, please head over to The Flip page and order a discounted beta copy today!