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What if money simply wasn’t an issue in your life?

The Flip method summaryWith a plan, the ability to execute it and the virtue of time, you can take control over your economy and create a passive income stream that supports your way of life, without having to work for money ever again. But long before this you can eliminate the negative aspects and anxiety money often creates and only see it as a positive enabler, just like it is.

 “Seeing my passive income follow the predicted, exponential curve a couple of years in is one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced, showing that I’m right on track for financial independence” – Victor

The Flip is a Two-Stage Method for Financial Independence

The Flip is a plan designed to get you to financial independence through passive income. It details how to do so in two main stages:

  1. Take total control over your economy and design it to support your desired lifestyle – while still have money left to invest for your future self.
  2. Design and build a perpetual, ever growing passive income machine that can support your chosen lifestyle.

The Flip will guide you through both of these stages, step by step, with suggestions for how to create habits and processes to make sure that you stick to what you want for yourself. By doing so you’ll also get a structured way of deciding and communicating with others about your finances – something that will eliminate almost all friction money creates.

“Having separated accounts for different purposes is the most brilliant idea ever, it takes away all friction and discussion about who will pay what in the household – and whether we can afford it or not” – Jessica

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The Flip


The Flip includes:

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  • Personal budgeting tool (.xlsx)
  • Stock portfolio and screening tool (.xlsx)

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Want to know more about The Flip?

In The Flip we use dividend growth stocks as an example to create the passive income stream. This form of investment has a low threshold to entry, stable returns, multiple sources for compounding interest and the possibility to spread the risk, but any type investment with similar properties could be used. The following three guides gives a brief introduction on The Flip method for financial independence using dividend growth stock investing:

The Flip goes through these concepts in much greater detail, and it describes how to design your life so that success is inevitable. But it also shows how to apply the same basic approach to other life goals. See below for the table of contents and an excerpt:

Table of Contents

The Flip

  • The Flip is a long term commitment
  • How The Flip works
  • A brief summary of The Flip method

The personal finance system

  • Spend less for success
  • Getting an (un)fair economic advantage
  • Debt isn’t always bad
  • Buffers and financial security
  • Setting a household budget framework
  • Separating accounts
  • Revisiting your budget and keeping expenses under control
  • Blueprint to getting a personal finance system in place

The passive income machine

  • A budget is a plan for your future
  • Dividend growth stock investing
  • Building a diversified stock portfolio
  • The total value of your stock portfolio is irrelevant
  • Compounding interest and exponential returns
  • Being a passive-active investor
  • Blueprint to creating the passive income machine

Understanding The Flip method

  • Purpose-driven frameworks
  • Filling in the framework
  • Sticking to the plan
  • Blueprint to accomplishing any goal

The Flip ebook on iPad

Excerpt from the first chapter: The Flip

What does financial independence mean to you? Finding the courage to take more risks in your career? Reduce the number of hours you work? Quit your job and do something completely different? Have the financial security to start your own business?

The Flip is a two-stage method to reach financial independence with three main goals:

  • Peace of mind from having sound personal finances, in everyday life and in case something happens
  • Eliminate social and household friction due to economy
  • Financial independence – choice to live the life you want to live

The first stage is to establish a personal finance platform that gives complete control over our economy. The second to create a passive income stream through dividend stocks that support our chosen way way of life. This book will describe both of these in separate sections. They can be used independently but is way more powerful when used together.

Being financially independent means having income streams that are independent from the daily work – i.e. you don’t have to work for money. Simply having a big number in a bank account does not qualify as being financially independent, living means a constant rate of expenses so even if you own your house you still need to pay for food, electricity, heating, transportation and so on. Having a lot of money accessible means that you have a buffer, but not an income. The most common way of setting yourself up for a golden retirement is to save up a pile of money, calculate for how many years this is supposed to cover and then skim the pile to use for expenses. This is basically a glorified buffer which will give disappointing results if we live longer than anticipated, want to increase our means over time or simply want to retire really early.

We all have our own reasons for wanting to become financially independent, each as valid as the other. But in order to make it happen we need one or more income streams that are independent from our normal work. In order to really make sense these income streams also needs to be passive, meaning that they only need minimal work to actually generate income after they’ve been set up. It could be land or housing that’s rented out, royalties from music or books or equity investments such as stocks and bonds that has a yield.

One of the most accessible ways to create a passive income stream for financial independence is to create a dividend growth stock portfolio that over time will provide a big enough income to live on. By carefully choosing stocks that has committed to not only pay dividends but also increase them over time you will get a regular, automatic raise simply by owning them. Stocks also has a very low barrier to ownership making it easy to build our way to financial independence gradually and using compounding returns to accelerate our progress.

Each person has their own level of expenses to live the life they want – housing, food, transportation and other expenses – and this is also the threshold for financial independence. But what happens when you reach this threshold? Do you just quit working and go drink margaritas on a beach?

Probably not, most of us work not only to make money but also to get a challenge, develop ourselves and feel valuable. Reaching The Flip, as we call the threshold for financial independence, allows us to:

  • Continue to work but with substantial increase in income – and a full safety net
  • Reduce the number of work hours per week
  • Start working on your own projects or startup
  • Take a time-out and maybe study something new
  • Change career without thinking about salary
  • Do voluntary work
  • Devote time to hobbies

Or something completely else. We call it The Flip because that’s when we break free from the notion that we have to work for a salary. This paradigm, and that we’re stuck in it unless we become an executive or win the lotto, is one of the most prevalent in our society. But it isn’t true. Now you have the option to not work and still have an income to pay the bills. Or you can continue working, having your work salary as well as your passive income as your disposable income.

Financial independence is not only about retiring, it opens possibilities and options. If your dream is to work as a dolphin trainer and race supercars on the weekends, you can. It’s going to take a while, but combine our method of personal finance with the investment strategy and you’ll be surprised how good you can live while working towards your Flip and what opens up after that.

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