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Anders is the founder of Never Grow Up. He has a professional background in the IT industry but is driven by a passion for holistic design and craftsmanship, whether it's timepieces, cars or a dinner.
Direct Action Gear Hard Glove med Hestra Fall Line

Handskar – Hur man håller sina händer torra och varma

När man är utomhus fryser man oftast först om händerna. De är utsatta för väder och vind och det är svårt att få tillräckligt med isolering runt dem samtidigt utan att tappa sin fingerfärdighet. Dina händer ska dock aldrig behöva…

Triple-C at Locavore

Locavore Restaurant Review

Locavore is a destination restaurant in Ubud, Bali serving food based on local ingredients refined using modern techniques and a new nordic-esque approach to putting dishes together. It’s quite casual for the level of food and experience that it provides,…

VIVOOD pool villa infinity pool

The Suite Life: VIVOOD Landscape Hotel

VIVOOD is a landscape hotel up in the mountains on Costa Blanca, Spain, a 30 minute drive from Benidorm. It’s not as intimate and paired back as Juvet in Norway, and not as luxurious and caregiving as Rosewood Mayakoba in…

Oslo Barcode Bjørvika

The best high-end restaurants in Oslo

Oslo might not be known for its high-end restaurants the same way as Copenhagen or Stockholm, but since the early 2010’s the restaurant scene has evolved significantly. The shining star is Maaemo, which is in a league of its own…

Esquisse Cinq Grand Dessert

The Esquisse Cinq Dessert Experience in Tokyo

One of the things that hit me in Tokyo is that the sheer size of the city makes it possible to specialize in ways we can’t think of in the Nordic cities. You have the gaming arcades in Akihabara, different…

Pool at Hanging Gardens Bali

The Suite Life: Hanging Gardens of Bali Hotel Review

If there’s one place that exemplifies the current wave of ”Instagram experiences”, the pool at Hanging Gardens of Bali might be the perfect example. Unfortunately, many seem to take the 40 minute taxi drive from Ubud and into the jungle…

Iberico pork loin at Bon Lio

Bon Lio Restaurant Review

Bon Lio is a relaxed gastrobar in Oslo, Norway, serving food with an emphasis on spanish cuisine. The restaurant is small and the open kitchen even smaller, all housed within a tiny wooden house from 1814. But what they lack…

Juvet Landscape Hotel

The Suite Life: Juvet Landscape Hotel Review

The architectural masterpiece by Jensen & Skodvin, a resort envisioned by Knut Slinning, perhaps most well known as one of the main locations in the movie Ex Machina, is a hotel that defines what modern luxury can be all about….

Mackerell with poached tomato at Palace Grill

Palace Grill Restaurant Review

Palace Grill is almost a modern folk tale, a small, mysterious high-end restaurant in Oslo, Norway that I only knew about from foodie friends who know somebody that has visited it. The restaurant has cult status and part of the…

Old man sweeping in Havana

Sweeping the streets of Havana

Even with a capital in crumbles the inhabitants all pitch in to keep the streets clean. Take a stroll early in the morning and you’ll see plenty of people doing their part in sweeping the streets and sidewalks.