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About Anders Långberg

Anders is the founder of Never Grow Up. He has a professional background in the IT industry but is driven by a passion for holistic design and craftsmanship, whether it's timepieces, cars or a dinner.
Meat Fruit at Dinner by Heston

Lunch at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

I’ve been watching (and read) everything Heston has made since Kitchen Chemistry on the Discovery Channel and have just counted down until the day I could eat at one of his restaurants. The closest I’ve come until now was the…

Home Made Chocolate Protein Bars

I’ve made my own protein bars for quite a while now and have constantly tried to improve them. This is the latest iteration (and of course the best in my opinion) that tastes really good (again, in my opinion) and…

Climbing in Kalymnos

When I started asking around where the best place for my first outdoor climbing trip would be, the answer was almost unanimously Kalymnos. Not because it has easy routes (there are a few of those) but mostly because there’s such…