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About Anders Långberg

Anders is the founder of Never Grow Up. He has a professional background in the IT industry but is driven by a passion for holistic design and craftsmanship, whether it's timepieces, cars or a dinner.
Amass pre-dessert

Amass pre-dessert

I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t care too much for one of those super sweet all-in chocolate cakes. That’s why this pre-dessert at Amass was so welcoming after the four savory dishes. Neither sweet nor savory, but…

Walk in the Forest, Vincents

New travel guide page for Riga and Tallinn

After a recent trip to Tallinn I realized that we’ve done a bit of research and visited a number of places in Riga and Tallinn over the last few years. So, we updated the Travel Guide with a new page…

Red Canyon, Utah

Snow at Red Canyon

For someone who grew up in dominantly white or grey winters and spends quite a lot of time in the world of RGB values inside computer files, the saturated red rocks, green foliage and blue sky combined with white snow…

Wine pairings at Amass

Amass wine pairings

All wines we enjoyed at Amass ranged from light yellow to deep orange colors as wines served are organic and ecological, since Amass wants to focus more on farmers than winemakers for their wine cellar. The wines we were served…

Chef Matt Orlando at Amass

Chef Matt Orlando at Amass

Chef Matt Orlando shares exactly how he runs the kitchen as it’s completely open to the dining room and all interactions can be seen and heard. Whenever a the order to a new party is sent to the kitchen a loud…

Lamb main course at Amass

Amass main course

The main course, a peppery lamb neck with celery shards and soured cream sauce, was quite mellow and took a step back from the expressiveness of the second course. The clear sting of black pepper brought it to life though,…

Food at La Guarida

The food at La Guarida

Compared to the vast majority of Cuban restaurants, La Guarida shows skill in their cooking and a rare ability to both get ahold of ingredients and use them to their full potential. By international standards the cuisine is quite rustic,…

Smoked Zander and black orange at Amass

Second course at Amass

The second course at Amass was described as “Hot smoked Zander, Almond, Black Orange”. It was much more robust than what it looked like at first sight, with a clear smokiness that brought body to the dish which the orange…

Dining room at La Guarida

Dining room at La Guarida

The dining rooms of La Guarida are spread across several areas, both indoor and outdoor on the terraces. The walls of this room was filled with pictures of visitors, quite narrow and tight but still with a warm and genuine…

Amass dining room and kitchen

Amass dining room and kitchen

Amass is a top-level restaurant in Copenhagen, with a strong focus on in-season and organic produce, even using greens from it’s own garden, but without the far-reaching experimental side that alienates some guests from the most famous New Nordic restaurants….