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Anders is the founder of Never Grow Up. He has a professional background in the IT industry but is driven by a passion for holistic design and craftsmanship, whether it's timepieces, cars or a dinner.
Dining room at La Guarida

Dining room at La Guarida

The dining rooms of La Guarida are spread across several areas, both indoor and outdoor on the terraces. The walls of this room was filled with pictures of visitors, quite narrow and tight but still with a warm and genuine…

Amass dining room and kitchen

Amass dining room and kitchen

Amass is a top-level restaurant in Copenhagen, with a strong focus on in-season and organic produce, even using greens from it’s own garden, but without the far-reaching experimental side that alienates some guests from the most famous New Nordic restaurants….

La Guarida

Although one of the older paladares, being established in 1996, La Guarida is definitely the one leading the new wave of privately run hospitality establishments that shows what Cuba could be. Semi-rustic food and drinks, which are probably the best…

Rosewood Mayakoba

The Suite Life: Rosewood Mayakoba Review

Rosewood Mayakoba is a luxury resort on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. It’s located just north of Playa del Carmen in the upscale Mayakoba development. There are 128 suites in total, all with outdoor showers and private plunge pools, either at the beach or…

Compère Lapin drink

Compére Lapin, New Orleans Review

Compère Lapin is a combined bar and restaurant close to the financial district in New Orleans, Louisiana, between the French Quarters and the Garden District. It’s headed by chef-owner Nina Compton and has quickly gained reputation as a stand-out establishment,…

MacZapa Old Fashioned

MacZapa Old Fashioned

I’m not the biggest fan of whisky, I much prefer rum or brandy, but it’s not like I try to avoid it either. Every once in awhile I try an Old Fashioned or Manhattan just to see if I’ve grown…

Refried Swedish Pancakes with Salted Caramel Sauce

Refried Swedish Pancakes with Salted Caramel Sauce

In Sweden, there’s a century old tradition of eating pea soup with salted pork (and a side serving of punsch) and pancakes on Thursdays. It became tradition during the national romantic wave of the 1800’s when the high society took…

Dividend growth stocks for February 2017

Finally, the 1.0 version of The Flip is finished and published. There’s no earth shattering news or additions, but more of a gentle polish through-and-through. We’ll keep improving it but will only push it out to you once we have…

A man sitting on the edge of Preikestolen

The man sitting on the edge

The west coast of Norway is just packed with spectacular scenery. One such place that is surprisingly accessible is Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock. Although close to the city of Stavanger and with lots of parking area it’s still quite a…

Pulled pork eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict Variations

As we’ve written before, Eggs Benedict is perhaps the perfect brunch dish and our Original Eggs Benedict is one of the most satisfying things I know to eat. I find the standard version nice but a little bit boring. The…