Food at La Guarida

The food at La Guarida

Compared to the vast majority of Cuban restaurants, La Guarida shows skill in their cooking and a rare ability to both get ahold of ingredients and use them to their full potential. By international standards the cuisine is quite rustic, but it matches the overall style of the restaurant. The dishes show a blend of Cuban and international style cuisine, such as oxtail with saffron risotto ($20 CUC), ropa vieja ($16 CUC) with white rice or cheese ravioli with pesto starter ($9 CUC) as shown in the photo. The risotto is not as creamy as it should be, probably due to a lack of Arborio rice, but it shows the Cuban spirit of doing the best of what you have available. Compared to the other places we ate at we certainly think that this is the best food available anywhere in Havana.