Location for Amass

Amass location

Amass is located at the north end of Christiania, outside of the free town. If you’re planning on walking here, it’s a good way of getting some sightseeing done as well. Start by getting to Nyhavn, quite touristy but beautiful and very scandinavian with the colorful houses along the seaside, and an iconic location for Copenhagen. From Nyhavn there is a walking/cycling bridge to take you across the water and over to Christiania. On your way to Amass you can stroll through the bohemian Christiania hoods taking in the somewhat different lifestyle. For example, in the water you’ll see half sunken boats, and several boats tied together in what seems to be a boat-collective straight out of Waterworld. After you’ve passed through the living parts of Christiania you’ll enter more of an industrial area and perhaps start to wonder if this is the correct place. Don’t worry, it is. Located in what seems like an old factory of some sort, is Amass, just take the stairs on the frontside and be prepared for a treat!