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Amass dining room

Summing up Amass

We didn’t know it was this restaurant, but we’ve been looking forward to encountering a restaurant like Amass for a long time. Restaurants like this are few and far between, where solid groundwork and craftsmanship is combined with great ideas…

S'mores at Amass

Dessert at Amass

This dessert made us feel all giggly and happy. Amass managed to take something as simple as s’mores and make it both delicate and delicious at the same time. Traditionally consisting of campfire grilled marshmallows squeezed within a pair of…

Design details at Amass

The design at Amass

Amass features a pared back industrial design combined with Scandinavian furniture. The two grey and black gigantic murals are just beautiful and colorful details which stand out from the textured, grey walls. It feels edgy and high-end at the same…

Amass pre-dessert

Amass pre-dessert

I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t care too much for one of those super sweet all-in chocolate cakes. That’s why this pre-dessert at Amass was so welcoming after the four savory dishes. Neither sweet nor savory, but…

Wine pairings at Amass

Amass wine pairings

All wines we enjoyed at Amass ranged from light yellow to deep orange colors as wines served are organic and ecological, since Amass wants to focus more on farmers than winemakers for their wine cellar. The wines we were served…

Chef Matt Orlando at Amass

Chef Matt Orlando at Amass

Chef Matt Orlando shares exactly how he runs the kitchen as it’s completely open to the dining room and all interactions can be seen and heard. Whenever a the order to a new party is sent to the kitchen a loud…

Lamb main course at Amass

Amass main course

The main course, a peppery lamb neck with celery shards and soured cream sauce, was quite mellow and took a step back from the expressiveness of the second course. The clear sting of black pepper brought it to life though,…

Smoked Zander and black orange at Amass

Second course at Amass

The second course at Amass was described as “Hot smoked Zander, Almond, Black Orange”. It was much more robust than what it looked like at first sight, with a clear smokiness that brought body to the dish which the orange…

Location for Amass

Amass location

Amass is located at the north end of Christiania, outside of the free town. If you’re planning on walking here, it’s a good way of getting some sightseeing done as well. Start by getting to Nyhavn, quite touristy but beautiful…

Amass dining room and kitchen

Amass dining room and kitchen

Amass is a top-level restaurant in Copenhagen, with a strong focus on in-season and organic produce, even using greens from it’s own garden, but without the far-reaching experimental side that alienates some guests from the most famous New Nordic restaurants….