Eat & Drink in Stockholm

Fine Dining


Lilla Nygatan 21.


High end gastronomic food with the highest respect for the produce. The perfect potato can very well have been served here. Kungstensgatan 2.


Artillerigatan 14.

Oaxen Krog

Beckholmsvägen 26.

Casual Eating


Creative, contemporary food inspired by historic plants and dishes for dinner. Simpler, more tourist oriented lunch menu. Ergonomics at the tables can be a bit contrived, but well worth the pay off. Also serves some of the best cocktails in Stockholm (also see below under bars). Stortorget (Gamla Stan).

Mathias Dahlgren, Matbaren

Next to Grand Hotel, södra blasieholmshamnen 6.


Simply incredible sushi from one of the best sushi chefs in the world. Kungstensgatan 2.

The Flying Elk

Very well made bistro food. Mälartorget 15 (Gamla Stan).


High quality burger joint with reasonable prices. The burger buns, salad and fries really lifts the burgers to the next level, but it’s a bit of a hit and miss if they serve the patties medium like they aim for. Mood Stockholm, Norrlandsgatan 13 and K25, Kungsgatan 25.

EAT Bistro

Fusion of European and Asian cusisine. Very good drinks that are well recommended. Mood Stockholm, Jakobsbergsgatan 15.


Food and restaurant hall representing cuisines from all over the world. Feels a lot like the food you can get from gourmet food trucks. Here you will find Vigårda mentioned above, for example. A perfect place for a quick lunch, but they are open all day. Kungsgatan 25.



Some of the best and most inventive craft cocktails you can find anywhere in the world. The drinks are inspired by Swedish history and traditional house remedies with the bar styled as an old drug store. Stortorget (Gamla Stan).

The Gold Bar, Nobis Hotel

Classy and exceptionall well executed twists on classic cocktails in one of the most luxurious hotels in Central Stockholm. Norrmalmstorg 2-4.