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Iberico pork loin at Bon Lio

Bon Lio Restaurant Review

Bon Lio is a relaxed gastrobar in Oslo, Norway, serving food with an emphasis on spanish cuisine. The restaurant is small and the open kitchen even smaller, all housed within a tiny wooden house from 1814. But what they lack…

Juvet Landscape Hotel

The Suite Life: Juvet Landscape Hotel Review

The architectural masterpiece by Jensen & Skodvin, a resort envisioned by Knut Slinning, perhaps most well known as one of the main locations in the movie Ex Machina, is a hotel that defines what modern luxury can be all about….

Mackerell with poached tomato at Palace Grill

Palace Grill Restaurant Review

Palace Grill is almost a modern folk tale, a small, mysterious high-end restaurant in Oslo, Norway that I only knew about from foodie friends who know somebody that has visited it. The restaurant has cult status and part of the…

Viewpoint Snøhetta

Iconic Hikes – Snøhetta viewpoint, Norway

During on of our Norwegian road trips we had originally planned to do the Over Risberget hike in Dovrefjell, to truly experience the high mountain terrain. Nature however, had other plans and with fog and the rain pouring down we were not…

Road Trip – Fjord Norway

Vertical cliffs dropping 600 meters right into the sea. Mountain peaks 1500 meters above the sea. Flowing roads along the coastline and in the valleys. Unspoiled nature. The Norwegian Fjords are unique in the world and an experience everyone should…