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The Flip – Your Blueprint to Financial Independence

Cover image showing The Flip as when passive income crosses expensesThe Flip is an ebook and set of tools to help you reach financial independence and eliminate money as a negative force in your life. Through this journey, you’ll also learn how to break down any goal you might have and design a training program and habits to take you there.



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The Cocktail Lab: Unraveling the mysteries of Flavour and Aroma in Drink by Tony Conigliaro

The Cocktail Lab not only shows you how to make world class cocktails, it also explains the reasoning behind them and why they work. The book is a stepping stone for aspiring bartenders who wants to push their craft further but is also usable for the home bartender who wants to serve up something nice for his friends on a Saturday night. It really is one of the most important books written on the subject. Review of Drinks (uk edition of The Cocktail Lab). Buy The Cocktail Lab from Amazon